Programs in Computer Science Education

Throughout my Masters program at UC Berkeley I participated in programs focused on computer science education, including curriculum and resources for teachers.

BJC: The Beauty and Joy of Computing


  • Project status: ongoing
  • Involvement: contributor from 2012-2014

BJC: The Beauty and Joy of Computing is an Advanced Placement CS Principles curriculum and is based on UC Berkeley’s CS10: The Beauty and Joy of Computing. At the time, it was one of five pilot courses for the AP CS Principles curriulum. The program offers curriculum and professional development for middle through high school educators intending to teach an introductory computer science course. It uses the Snap! graphical programming language and focuses on some of the “big ideas” of computing including abstraction, design, recursion, concurrency, simulation, and computational limits.



  • Project status: retired
  • Involvement: contributor 2013 and 2014

Ensemble, formerly available at, was a site for computing educators that hosts communities and aggregates resources for teachers.