Photos from locations throughout Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado.

Loading IMG_5862.jpg Wonderhole, a single-move bouldering problem in Hueco Tanks.
Loading IMG_5880.jpg The Melon Patch bouldering problem in Hueco Tanks.
Loading IMG_5993.jpg Belaying a climber at Hueco Tanks.
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Loading IMG_6058.jpg Behind the walls: the caves of Hueco Tanks.
Loading IMG_6090.jpg Graffiti at Hueco Tanks.
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Loading IMG_6183.jpg The view of New Mexico from Raton Pass.
Loading IMG_6227.jpg Traffic at Raton Pass on I-25 on the border of New Mexico and Colorado.
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Loading IMG_6530.jpg The view from one of the most well-known of Colorado's 14ers: Pikes Peak. Elevation is at 14,110 feet above sea level.
Loading IMG_6556.jpg Hail falls on Pikes Peak - in the middle of August.
Loading IMG_6633.jpg Photographing the landscape from Pikes Peak.
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Loading IMG_6681.jpg The environment becomes increasingly green upon descending the auto road from Pikes Peak.
Loading IMG_6714.jpg Evidence of animals in the Garden of the Gods.
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Loading IMG_6740.jpg Garden of the Gods.