Dan Armendariz


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hi 👋🏼

I am currently a developer experience (DevEx) and developer operations (DevOps) consultant for cloud applications with Lenticulate. If your company has (or will soon have) an application in the cloud and you think there is room to improve the development process to make it faster and easier to deploy your application, get in touch with us or directly book a meeting.

Previously, I was a Senior Software Development Engineer for Amazon Software Builder Experience (ASBX) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Seattle and Amsterdam. From 2019 until 2023 I worked to improve the developer experience for internal teams deploying and managing their applications in AWS Fargate and AWS EC2. Our goals were to reduce the complexity of deploying new applications to publicly available AWS services and make it easier for those teams to remain compliant with security and availability requirements. From late 2016 until 2019 I was a member of the AWS Cloud9 launch team and was responsible for readying the service for operational excellence upon launch.

Before that, I was a Preceptor in Computer Science at Harvard University working on curriculum design and tooling for the introductory sequence of Computer Science classes at Harvard College. I completed a masters of Computer Science with a focus on online education at UC Berkeley, advised by Professors Dan Garcia and Armando Fox. Beginning in 2007 and until 2016 I taught numerous courses at a variety of institutions including Harvard Extension and Summer Schools and UC Berkeley.

Further back, I graduated in 2006 with a B.S. degree in Biology from MIT. I worked for MIT's Information Systems & Technology, was on the staff of the Image and Meaning workshop series (part of the Envisioning Science Program at Harvard's Initiative of Innovative Computing), and worked as a network engineer for Mindset Media (acquired by Meebo) from 2008 until 2012.